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Saturday, March 20, 2010 14:50
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Sorry for the lack of updates this past month but I have been working really hard on some new projects that are not quite as related to the normal ppc affiliate marketing stuff I normally talk about. But here is a little bit about what’s going on.

This past month I launched a few REAL dating sites. Yeah I know its insane and starting a site costs some serious money to get it going. The thing is that I had a bunch of niche dating domains that I was using as a whitelable with copeac. What’s odd is that my little one page landers were ranking for their terms and saw some normal traffic. This was great until I saw copeac’s leads had dropped to nothing. I am not sure if they killed the program, changed the backend, or if the code needed to be changed on my end. It never did as well as I had hoped it would when I started so rather than get it going again I dropped the program and researched into making these landers into real dating sites.

It took me a week to find a free script / backend that would work out the box. I was not going to pay to have anything made with my test since it would probably crap out anyway. I ended up using PHPizabi for my sites and despite it being a old POS it was simple enough that I could use the php/sql code to fix any problems I found and add new features. I highly recommend not using this script though! It is the biggest POS I have ever seen and lacked even the most basic of features. It took me 3 weeks of coding to get it to a useable state, heck it still needs more work but its good enough to run now until I decided on getting a script made later.

I threw up ads on facebook for m 4 dating sites across my niches and soon learned that some of them were way to much of a niche. Great for landers, but horrible for real sites. So three of them have died off a bit, they still get SEO members but it’s a slow trickle. In a year I should have a pretty good crop of users on them though. What’s left is the one site I didn’t expect much from but did very well on facebook. I was getting a sign up for less than a dollar and I invested $1,000 into the site for member ships. At one point I got to 1,100 members and that’s when I caused a major crash trying to fix some SQL BS with the backend. Through my own fault I deleted every member on the site with one button! Should have seen it coming but was in a hurry. After fixing the error i learned that the SQL backup feature of PHPizabi never worked and was just in the template but no code to execute I about died. I have since fixed the bug I caused and wrote my on backup script but it was a major set back. The members took it with stride though and most signed back up within a week. With SEO traffic and returning members the site is now at 762 active members and is growing.

When advertising I was making 30-40 in adsense and spending 100 in ads. It helped pad the cost at start up. Having now stopped the ads the site is making about 2-3 bucks a day in adsense which isn’t bad for a site this small. I may have 762 members but they are not all active everyday, if the site scales as well as it is in the future it could generate some serious income. If i had 10,000 members the site would do at least $30 a day in adsense alone and could be made more profitable with affiliate ads. Sure its not major money but its pretty good for an automated site which someday could grow to tens of thousands of users.

I have lots of other stuff to talk about but this post is long enough so I will schedule them for the following days.

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2 Responses to “Landers to Real Sites”

  1. joe says:

    March 23rd, 2010 at 4:41 am

    hey nuts thats cool. I like that your always trying new stuff and keeping up the grind. Interested to hear about how your app goes over as well.

  2. Matt says:

    June 17th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Hey did you prefill the db with fake users or how did you get the site running? I imagine if I were to sign up to a dating site I wouldn’t sign up to a site with only around 1k users..

    Also you need to post more shit, always like reading your stuff and you actually post some useful information.

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